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The Silhouette range of plotters include a wide range of functionality including changing the force of their blades.
Using this feature, you can cut materials such as Vinyl, though it is worth mentioning, thicker material will change the longevity of your blade.

For this example; we are going to adjust the blade settings to the standard setting and using an A3 Sheet of Vinyl (Cut and Weed).

If you want to set up just for monotone for weedless papers such as Flex Soft (No Cut), you can just follow Steps 2 to 5.


Check Cutter

Make sure that your cutter is set up with the settings shown, if they aren't you will need to change them.

A guide on how to change the Force of the blade can be found Here
which also includes Tool, Speed and Acceleration in the same menu.


Create Document

Create a new A3 document in Illustrator (Anything smaller such as A4 will require a Carrier Sheet,
this is because of the way sensors work).


Place Artwork

Place your artwork onto the A3 Sheet.

Change the Layer name to CUT and check that only CMYK black is used.


Transparent Boxes

Transparent boxes can effect the cut, so it is important to make sure that they are removed.

A quick way to remove them is to draw an empty box with no colour in it's Fill or Stroke .
Then select the box and navigate to:
Select > Same > Fill Color...
and then hit Delete. If you notice it has deleted parts of the artwork,
you will need to resolve this issue using the Pathfinder Tool.


Flipping the Artwork

It is important to flip the artwork as some cutters will not do this for you by default.
To do this in Illustrator, select all the artwork and navigate to:
Object > Transform > Reflect...
Then choose the Option Vertical and hit ok. Your artwork should now look as in the example.


Silhouette Studio

Your artwork is now ready for sending to the Cutter.

Save the File as a PDF and then launch the Silhouette Studio Software.

Before launching the software, make sure you that you have the correct version of Studio for importing PDFs (Silhouette Studio - Business Edition).

To enable this, a tutorial on how to Upgrade your licence can be found Here

Once you have upgraded your licence, proceed.


Loading the Silhouette Cameo

For Vinyl Media, we recommend to use the change the force to the Maximum of 10.

If you are unsure on how to change your force settings, click the following Link

If you need to change the width of the pinch rollers, the right roller can be moved.

Regardless of the width of your vinyl, always make sure that the pinch rollers are at the edges of your vinyl.


Silhouette Studio

Click Send tab.
Make sure that your settings correspond as shown.
Then click Send button at the bottom.



The Cut is now complete and ready to brighten be weeded out in preparation to pressing.

Note: You can also use this same tutorial from Step 2 to 5 to setup your artwork for Flex Soft (No Cut).


Cutting Thicker Vinyl?

Some vinyl require a thicker cut such as the the Reflective Vinyl, we recommend using these settings.
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