UniNet + ProRIP Setup Guide

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Open Printer

Open your printer.
Look for the release button located on the right hand side of the machine to open the front.
Then press the rectangular dimpled (blue) button located on the right hand side of the front of the machine when opened.

Remove the protective (orange) bars from the drums inside the machine.


Install Toner

Remove the protective orange film from each Toner Cartridge and place in the corresponding drums; switching the toner into the lock position.



The Uninet iColor ProRIP Case includes a Blue and White Dongle containing the setup files for the UniNet ProRIP and Printer Drivers.


Install Software

Plug in the USB and navigate to:
$:\UNINET ProRIP Software\IColor ProRIP v2
Install the Full install of iColor ProRIP.

Note: Do not connect the printer to your computer until prompted to do so.


First Time Setup

Ensure the dongle is plugged in, it contains the license file required to run the software.
Also, an internet connection is required.

• Launch the software
• Set unit of measure and decimal places to your preference then select OK.


Install Printer

Ensure your printer is displayed within the "Printer" dropdown.

Click "Install Printer" then select Next.


Select Printer

Step 7
Select the correct printer from the support menu.


Device Drivers

Click "Search for new printer package(s) from DVD or cloud server" and make sure "Search cloud server..." is enabled then click Next.

The ProRIP will now download the appropriate drivers.
Now click Next.


Port Setup

Make sure that your Port is set up to USB (or LAN if networked) and click Next, then the Finish button.

Uninet iColor ProRIP Software


Manage Queues

Open the IColor ProRIP

Navigate to:
Queue/Manage Queues
• Select the port to which your printer is assigned from the ‘Port’ drop down menu.

– If connected via network, choose TCP/IP.
– If connected by USB, choose the printer as identified in the drop down

* All other ports will update automatically, it is only necessary to do this for one queue

Click ‘Close'


Print Mode

Select the Print Mode appropriate to your toner configuration (see UniNet Overprint / Underprint)


Load Artwork

1. Select "Print Mode" (In this case Overprint)
2. Select "Media Type" and choose your paper settings (In this case A3)
3. Click the "Plus" icon to load in the artwork.
4. Select the file (Notice that the artwork has already flipped)
5. Click the "Print Job" icon.


Print Cost Calculator

The printer is ready to print.

Click Here for setting up the ProRIP Print Cost Calculator.



Changing Media Weight

Sometimes you may come across the print not fusing correctly and will need to change the print settings.
If this is the case, follow these instructions:

1. Drag the "Printed File" from the reserved list panel in the bottom left hand screen back into the main queue
2. Navigate to Page and click "Open" and change the print settings.
3. Click the "Print Job" icon.
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