Forever TransferRIP - Lost/Damaged Dongle

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Into the RIP

Run Software

If, when you open the RIP software you are presented with this screen.

Make sure that your dongle is plugged in. If it is, try another port and re-open the software.

If your screen still looks like this or you have lost your dongle.

Simply click this link which will take you to the purchase page and choose.

Replacement USB

Make sure you select the correct option.

Once you have made the purchase, send an email to from the email you purchased with and include the Update Code, for example #transferRIP XXX&XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX&UN_123456XXX&XXXX-XX-XX#

Please submit this along with a copy of the Replacement Donlge form filled in with your company details.
This form can be found here.

We will now send this UN-ID and form over to FOREVER to send back over a new Dongle which can simply be plugged in on receiving the item.

Please allow up to a week for this process to complete.


Wait for delivery

Open Parcel

Once you have received your parcel, you will find a dongle inside.

Simply plug it in and launch the software again.
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