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Configuring the print cost calculator within the Forever TransferRIP will allow you to determine the cost of each job; factoring in the cost of everything from paper, toner, fuser, transfer belt costs and more.

Before you begin:
Click Here to download the costings file.
Save to your Desktop.


Let's Go

Open the TransferRIP software and navigate to:
Calculation > Calculation Settings


Import the File

In the Cost Estimator window is, click the Import button.


Opening the Costings File

Locate the Print_Cost.TFRPCCS file (the one you just downloaded) from your desktop and click Open


Saving the Costings

Once the file is loaded, click the Save button.


Adjusting your Image Settings

Continue through your normal process up to Step 5.
Ensure your settings are correct for quantities, screening settings, media type etc.

Once at Step 5, click the Calculation button.


Selecting the Entry

Select the entry Print Cost, Import.
Then click the Select button.


The Print Cost

This will then Open the Cost Estimator window to display your print cost.

Make sure the amount of copies is correct then click:
Output - to generate a PDF spreadsheet of the costings, alongside a preview of the artwork(s).
or click Save - the print cost will be saved into the RIP for retrieval at a later date.

This can be accessed at any time by navigating to:
Calculation > Calculations
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