Graphtec CE7000 - Adjusting the Force

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Existing Settings

Switch on your Graphtec Plotter and take note of its existing settings.

Navigating the Menus

When your plotter has booted up, press the COND./TEST button

Main Menu

Press Button 4 to enter the Force Menu

Force Menu

Press the right key to move to Condition 2.

Conditions are like Favourite Settings that can be accessed again at any time.

Force Menu Continued

Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate to "38".
Then press Enter.

Main Menu

Press Button 1 to enter the Condition Menu

Condition Menu

Navigate to Condition No. 2 and press Enter.

Then press the Cond./Test to return.


Main Screen

Your Graphtec CE700 now displays updated Condition and Force.

You can also change the Tool, Speed and Acceleration Settings from the Main Menu, Cond./Test button.
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