TransferRIP - Basic Guide

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Profile Selection

Click a profile and press SELECT in the bottom right hand corner.


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Job Selection

1. Make sure your artwork is the correct page size.
2. Select the page size in the bottom right hand corner.
3. Click "Load File" and import your print ready PDF.

How to make a print ready PDF : Here

Once the file is loaded into the list, select it and click on the preview.


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Color Management

Increase the Saturation and Black Gamma by +10.

The software will create individual plates of CMYK and put them back together, the result is a composite image looking less vibrant than the original; hence the saturation and black gamma increase.


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Spot Channel

200% Coverage
Factor of 1
2 Device Pixel
PPT Checked


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Print Settings

If you wish to use the TransferRIP print calculator, a forum post can be found Here

Mirror your artwork if the paper requires.

Screening - For a basic setup, we recommend you use 'Use Screening from Printer'

If you wish to import a photographic image, you may want to change the settings so that your image is broken up and the print doesn't feel like a lump of plastic.

A forum post on how you can achieve this, can be found Here

Media Type - Depending on the paper you are using, this will need to be changed accordingly. Always refer to the instructions on the paper for paper type and weight.

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