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Cutter Settings

If you are using a Graphtec CE7000, set the FORCE to 12.

See This Link for a guide to configure your cutter.

Create Sheet

Create a new page in Adobe Illustrator and place your artwork.

Provide adequate space around the artwork to place crop marks for cutting.

Cut Prep

Draw a rectangle around the artwork to use as the placeholder for placing registration marks then navigate to: File > Cut Master 4 > Registration Marks...

Registration Marks

Select "Convert Rectangle" and press OK.


Print Label Media with your Laser Printer.

Print unmirrored and Ultra Heavy 2 Media Weight (189-220gsm).
With utilisation of a White Toner Printer, print the Clear Label Media on Underprint configuration.

See This Link to configure Underprint/Overprint with the FOREVER or UniNet TransferRIP.

Cut Path

Duplicate the print layer and name this new layer "Cut" (using layers allows greater control over artwork manipulation).

Select all elements on the Cut Layer and use Pathfinder to merge all elements (Window > Pathfinder).

Change the colour of all elements on the Cut layer to black.
Make sure no part of the artwork is too close to the crop marks; the sensor on your cutter will get confused.

Then navigate to: File > Cut Master 4 > Cut/Plot

Load and Send

Load the media onto your Graphtec CE7000 and position the head over the bottom right registration mark and press the "Origin" button on your cutter.

Then navigate to the Layering tab in Cut Master 4. Ensure only the Cut Layer is checked.

Then click SEND and press OK.


Your labels are now complete.

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