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OKI Pro8432WT - A3 White Toner Printer

OKI Pro8432WT

The transfer printer to transform your business

Print up to A3XL in 4 colours : CMY + White with Composite Black or switch from White to True Black toner and drum (sold seperately).



We supply our OKI Pro8432WT with a


Includes one of each colour toners (CMY) and 3 x White Toners to get you up and running with your print operations.

3 Year

Covered with a manufacturer warranty spanning an incredible 3 years. Testament to the quality and reliability of OKI machines.


Here to help whenever you get stuck. With a wide range of guides and videos available at your fingertips, to help with any problems you may encounter.


Sometimes a call won't cut it, and remote support may be required to get you back up and running quickly and efficiently.

The OKI Pro series white toner printer gives you the power to produce cost effective, attention grabbing designs - and take the flexibility of your print shop to the next level.

Next Level Technology

Discover a new level of personalisation in transfer printing for textile, accessories and promotional goods.

There's simply no alternative technology that can deliver the same quality time after time and transfer onto a wide range of materials with minimum fuss.

Unlock the creative potential of your business with show-stopping designs at cost effective prices.

Print Ultra Soft

The included FOREVER TransferRIP Software gives you the power to apply colour selective halftone effects to your prints for the option of incredibly soft - long lasting prints - especially when printing photographic images, solid block colours/designs.

By perforating images and removing substrate colours from prints, such as there is no purpose to printing black toner onto a black shirt - the FOREVER TransferRIP achieves stunning prints at a fraction of the cost.

Advanced CMYW technology gives you the power to create and inspire, with ease.

Equipped with a precision engineered digital LED system to produce bold and bright, professional prints. The results are nothing short of astonishing.

Print Metallic

Print FOREVER Flex Soft (No Cut) with the OKI Pro8432WT to produce metallic prints in over 20 colours including gold, silver, bronze and more.

Print onto a wide range of materials such as cotton, polyester, card, nylon, denim and nearly anything you can fit under your heat press.

Print Multi-Metallic

Using Hot Stamping Foil and Laser Dark (No Cut) with your OKI Pro8432WT allows you to create bold and impactful prints with multiple finishes across either the same design, or different elements of a single design.

This allows for printing gold, silver, bronze and a spectrum of metallic colours in a single press process.

Print Hard Surfaces

Using FOREVER Multi-Trans with the OKI Pro8432WT provides the functionality to print onto a huge range of hard surfaces such as wood, slate, marble, ceramics & more.

The no cut - no weed premium quality transfer paper to produce outstanding worldly objects quick and easy.


The OKI Pro8432WT produces exceptional print quality time after time.


Incredible toner efficiency when using the FOREVER TransferRIP with your OKI Pro8432WT.


Halftone masks break up the image for superior handling and an almost imperceptible print.


Designed for transfer print - the toner of the OKI Pro8432WT is specially formulated for durability.


Print remarkably fine detail and better colours than even the best DTG or DTF printer.


Make your prints stand out from the crowd with advanced technology at your fingertips.


No wet inks. No dried heads. No mess. No fuss. No smearing. LED technology and dry toner to make print easy.


Produce prints that pack a punch and differentiate your print quality from any competitor.

We offer a wide range of transfer papers for use with the OKI Pro8432WT to enable printing of near limitless possibilities of fabric and textiles.

Print direct to film of Laser Dark (No Cut) to allow printing of a vast array of textiles.


Measurements are approximate.

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