TransferPaper - iColor Banner

iColor Banner

Deluxe paper banners. Create custom, professional paper banners in full colour.

Letter Banner Dimensions : 216 x 1259mm
Tabloid Banner Dimensions : 279 x 1321mm



Prepare Artwork

Create a new artboard in portrait orientation - the banner size is displayed on the product packaging. Create your artwork with a 5mm border to mitigate feed movement. 300 DPI on this banner media equates to 2551 x 14870 pixels.

ProRIP Banner Sizing

Click the arrow next to the paper size and select Add New Media... Create a name and input dimensions equivalent to the banner size you have (and units of measurement you selected upon initial setup) then click Create.

Import & Print

Configure your ProRIP to the correct settings - Ultra Heavy 3 (217 - 256gsm). Then import your artwork: File > Import Files. Then click Print.


Print on the glossy side.


You now have awesome banners.