TransferPaper - OKI Pro8432WT

OKI Pro8432WT

The OKI Pro8432WT is the perfect solution for anyone looking to quickly and easily create professional custom t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, mugs and more. Equipped with a wide range of features designed to make t-shirt printing easier and more efficient. Our entire range of laser transfer papers are compatible with this printer, making it easy to print on t-shirts of all different shapes, sizes and materials. The multi-colour plus white printing system allows you to add vibrant colours to your designs with peace of mind in a successful transfer. Plus, it comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

The OKI Pro8432 provides many advantages over competitive solutions:
Low upfront investment costs
Astonishing array of printable products and effects
Small footprint
Plug and play
Low maintenance: saving part, labour and downtime costs
No running requirements: ready to print, even after long periods of inactivity
Prints black using CMY composite: or swap the white toner for black



Includes one of each full colour toners (CMYW) to get you up and running.


Covered by an OKI warranty spanning an incredible 3 years.


We are here to help whenever you get stuck, with any problems you encounter.

Unleash Creativity and Precision with the OKI PRO8432WT White Toner Printer

Discover the exceptional printing capabilities of the OKI pro8432WT. This advanced white toner printer empowers businesses to create stunning and vibrant prints on a wide range of media, including dark and transparent substrates. With its high-resolution output and precise color reproduction, the OKI pro8432WT ensures unparalleled print quality for graphic designers, photographers, and businesses seeking to make a lasting impression. Experience the versatility, reliability, and efficiency of this cutting-edge printing solution that unlocks endless creative possibilities for personalized apparel, promotional materials, signage, and more. Unlock your printing potential with the OKI pro8432WT and elevate your brand to new heights.

White Toner? DTG? DTF?

Five major advantages of using a white toner printer over DTG (Direct-to-Garment) or DTF (Direct-to-Film):

1. No pre-treatment required: One significant advantage of white toner printers is that they eliminate the need for pre-treatment. Pre-treatment involves applying a chemical solution to the garment before printing to enhance ink adhesion and prevent bleeding. With a white toner printer, you can directly print on various fabric types without the extra step of pre-treatment. This saves time, reduces production complexity, and simplifies the overall printing process.

2. Faster printing speed: White toner printers utilise laser printing technology, which is significantly faster compared to the inkjet technology used in DTG and DTF printers. Laser printers have higher printing speeds, allowing for quicker production of garments. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with time-sensitive orders. The faster printing speed helps improve productivity and reduces turnaround times, enabling you to fulfil orders more efficiently.

3. No drying equipment required: Unlike DTG printing, which often requires additional drying equipment to set the ink on the garment, white toner printing does not require any post-print drying process. The toner used in white toner printers is dry and immediately adheres to the fabric through a heat transfer process. This eliminates the need for specialised drying equipment, such as heat presses or conveyor dryers, saving both space and additional costs associated with drying, with the added benefit of no clogged printheads, ever.

4. Excellent colour opacity and vibrancy: White toner printers are known for their exceptional colour opacity, especially when printing on dark or coloured garments. The white toner acts as a vibrancy base, ensuring that the colours appear vibrant and true to the original design. This results in high-quality prints with excellent colour accuracy and intensity. The ability to achieve vibrant and opaque prints on various fabric colours expands your design options and enhances the overall visual impact of your printed garments.

5. Multiple print options: The OKI white toner printer allows production of garments, hard surfaces such as wood, metal, cork, ceramic, candles, plastic and so much more. Print in a range of finishing options including metallic, neon and full colour prints without breaking a sweat. All from a single machine.

These advantages make white toner printers a compelling choice, particularly for those seeking efficiency, reduced production steps, high-quality prints, and multiple print options. However, it's important to consider factors such as cost, volume of production, and specific printing requirements before selecting the most suitable printing technology for your needs; as the perfect fit per your requirements may be none of the above, and little more than a cheap monotone (black toner only) laser printer paired with Flex Soft (No Cut). For more information or to discuss your particular requirements in depth, please feel free to contact us on 01244 541 647 or email

Explosive Colour

Advanced CMYW technology gives you the power to create and inspire, with ease.
Equipped with a precision engineered digital LED system to produce bold and bright, professional prints. The results are nothing short of astonishing.
Combining High Definition digital LED colour printing with white toner technology, the Pro8432WT offers media versatility in sizes up to A3 and weights up to 256gsm.

Transfer Print Reimagined

The OKI Pro series white toner printer gives you the power to produce cost effective, attention grabbing designs - and take the flexibility of your print shop to the next level.
Produce deep white and rich colour onto a huge range of printable materials.
Transform your business by delivering heavy hitting prints, time after time.

Ultra Soft Prints

The included FOREVER TransferRIP Software gives you the power to apply colour selective halftone effects to your prints for the option of incredibly soft - long lasting prints - especially when printing photographic images, solid block colours/designs.
By perforating images and removing substrate colours from prints, such as there is no purpose to printing black toner onto a black shirt - the FOREVER TransferRIP achieves stunning prints at a fraction of the cost.

Print Metallic

Print FOREVER Flex Soft (No Cut) with the OKI Pro8432WT to produce metallic prints in over 20 colours including gold, silver, bronze and more.
Print onto a wide range of materials such as cotton, polyester, card, nylon, denim and nearly anything you can fit under your heat press.

Print Hard Surfaces

Using FOREVER Multi-Trans with the OKI Pro8432WT provides the functionality to print onto a huge range of hard surfaces such as wood, slate, marble, ceramics & more.
The no cut - no weed premium quality transfer paper to produce outstanding worldly objects quick and easy.

Print Neon

Discover a new level of personalisation in transfer printing for textile, accessories and promotional goods.
There's simply no alternative technology that can deliver the same quality time after time and transfer onto a wide range of materials with minimum fuss.
Unlock the creative potential of your business with show-stopping designs at cost effective prices.

Print Textiles

We offer a wide range of transfer papers for use with the OKI Pro8432WT to enable printing of near limitless possibilities of fabric and textiles.
and much more.

Print Multi-Metallic

Using Hot Stamping Foil and Laser Dark (No Cut) with your OKI Pro8432WT allows you to create bold and impactful prints with multiple finishes across either the same design, or different elements of a single design.
This allows for printing gold, silver, bronze and a spectrum of metallic colours in a single press process.