TransferPaper - Dark


Laser printable (white) vinyl film ideal for printing logos, text and designs onto 100% cotton, leather or denim.
Suitable for use with any laser printer.


How it Works


Dark transfer paper is a print and cut laser transfer paper, for pressing onto black/dark, white or light cotton fabrics.

Cutter Settings

If you are using a Graphtec CE7000 cutter/plotter; configure settings as shown.


Cut the transfer paper with scissors or a cutter/plotter; to remove excess transfer material that you do not wish to be transferred onto the substrate.


Cover the design with application tape. This is so you can remove the transfer from the backing paper; and position the transfer onto your substrate.


Position the transfer onto your substrate. Cover with a Seal Sheet and 20 sheets of regular (80gsm) paper. Press for 60 seconds at 160°c (320°f).


Remove the Application Tape when cold. Position substrate back onto your heat press. Cover with Seal Sheet and 20 sheets of regular (80gsm) paper. Press for 30 seconds at 160°c (320°f).


The transfer is complete.
Max wash 40°c
Do not tumble dry
Non-bio detergents
Iron from reverse
Do not bleach

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