TransferPaper - Dark (Self Weeding)

Dark (Self Weeding)

Produce fine detailed designs, intricate wording and images which are impossible with alternative print methods.


How it Works


Print onto the matt side of the clear foil/acetate. Dark Self Weeding is a heat applied Laser Transfer Paper for pressing onto black/dark, white or light cotton, polyester or polycotton fabrics.

Position A-Foil

Remove all Teflon from your heat press. Place printed A-Foil directly onto the rubber base your heat press with the glossy/unprinted side facing down.

Position B-Paper

Place B-Paper on top of A-Foil with coated (plain) side facing down.

Press A+B

Cover with 10 sheets of regular (80gsm, non recycled) paper and press for 2 minutes at 160°c (320°f) - Medium Pressure. When the press time has elapsed; let the initial heat disperse (5 seconds) then peel.


Peel the papers apart in a smooth; fluid motion, from one corner to the opposite.


Trim the edges from your A Foil transfer with a pair of scissors. You will notice a white line around the edge from the adhesive; this is what we are removing.


Position A Foil transfer onto your substrate; glossy side facing up. Press for 30 seconds - Medium Pressure - at the following temperature:
Polyester/Polycotton blends at 110°C (230°F)
Cotton at 160°C (320 °F)
Leather at 120°C (248 °F)
Nylon at 110°C (230 °F)
Book Covers at 110°C (230 °F)
Nylon at 110°C (230 °F)

Cool Completely

Remove your substrate from the press and allow the transfer to cool completely. Once cool, remove the A Foil from the substrate in a smooth, fluid motion; from one corner to the opposite.


Once the foil has been removed; place your substrate back onto the press and cover the transfer with a Seal Sheet. Press for 30 seconds at the same temperature as application - Medium Pressure.


The transfer is complete.
Max wash 40°c
Do not tumble dry
Non-bio detergents
Iron from reverse
Do not bleach

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