TransferPaper - Dark (Self Weeding)

Dark (Self Weeding)

Dark (Self Weeding)

Produce fine - detailed designs, intricate wording and images which are impossible with alternative print methods.





Print onto the matt side of the clear foil/acetate. Dark Self Weeding is a heat applied Laser Transfer Paper for pressing onto black/dark, white or light cotton, polyester or polycotton fabrics.

Position A-Foil

Remove all Teflon from your heat press. Place printed A-Foil directly onto the rubber base your heat press with the glossy/unprinted side facing down.

Position B-Paper

Place B-Paper on top of A-Foil with coated (plain) side facing down.

Press A+B

Cover with 10 sheets of regular (80gsm, non recycled) paper and press for 2 minutes at 160°c (320°f) - Medium Pressure. When the press time has elapsed; let the initial heat disperse (5 seconds) then peel.


Peel the papers apart in a smooth; fluid motion, from one corner to the opposite.


Trim the edges from your A Foil transfer with a pair of scissors. You will notice a white line around the edge from the adhesive; this is what we are removing.


Position A Foil transfer onto your substrate; glossy side facing up. Press for 30 seconds - Medium Pressure - at the following temperature:
Polyester/Polycotton blends at 110°C (230°F)
Cotton at 160°C (320 °F)
Leather at 120°C (248 °F)
Nylon at 110°C (230 °F)
Book Covers at 110°C (230 °F)
Nylon at 110°C (230 °F)

Cool Completely

Remove your substrate from the press and allow the transfer to cool completely. Once cool, remove the A Foil from the substrate in a smooth, fluid motion; from one corner to the opposite.


Once the foil has been removed; place your substrate back onto the press and cover the transfer with a Seal Sheet. Press for 30 seconds at the same temperature as application - Medium Pressure.


The transfer is complete.
Max wash 40°c
Do not tumble dry
Non-bio detergents
Iron from reverse
Do not bleach