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IColor Banner media is available in a variety of sizes specific to your printer and made of a white paper stock. This product was specifically designed to work with IColor 500 / 600 transfer printers, but may also work with many popular laser or LED printers - please check with your printer manufacturer for compatibility. Create custom, professional paper banners in full color. This media can also be used a dye sublimation media when using IColor toner based dye sublimation printers.

Designed for the IColor 500 & 600 - 52in (1321mm) length

Sold in packs of 10.
A4 - Box of 10 (216 x 1321mm)
A3 - Box of 10 (279 x 1321mm)

Prepare Artwork

Create a new artboard in portrait orientation - the banner size is displayed on the product packaging.

Create your artwork with a 5mm border to mitigate feed movement.

300 DPI on this banner media equates to 2551 x 14870 pixels.

ProRIP Banner Size

Click the arrow next to the paper size and select 'Add New Media...'

Create a name and input dimensions equivalent to the banner size you have (and units of measurement you selected upon initial setup) then click Create.

Import and Print

Configure your ProRIP to the correct settings - Ultra Heavy 3 (217 - 256gsm)

Then import your artwork:
File > Import Files
Then click Print.


Print on the glossy side.


Awesome, you now have epic banners.

Watch the Video

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